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Safe Kids Lobes Cardiff

Safe Kids Lobes Cardiff

Earlobe Piercing for Children

Embarking on the journey of earlobe piercing marks a significant milestone, and at Cardiff Piercing, we prioritize creating a nurturing and positive environment for this cherished experience. Ensuring comfort, confidence, and safety for all our clients, regardless of age, is our utmost priority. Let's delve into what to expect when you bring your child for their earlobe piercings.

Age Verification and Identification At the Store, Our minimum age requirement for earlobe piercing is 8 years old. For all clients, a valid ID is necessary as well as them being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must also provide their own identification.

It's imperative that your child brings photographic ID to their appointment to fulfil legal requirements. As part of our two-item ID system, establishing parental or guardian consent is crucial.

If your child does not have photographic ID, we cannot pierce them.

Accepted forms of ID include Passport, Driving License, or a valid UK Citizen card, I believe even the post office has a ID with a Pass hologram.  

We cannot accept Library cards, school ID cards, or bus passes. Should you have any queries regarding the acceptance of your ID, please reach out to us in advance of booking. Please note, we strictly require original documents and do not accept photographs, photocopies, or video / phone calls as valid forms of ID.

For clients under the age of 16, we offer dedicated Children's Lobe Piercing appointments. What can you anticipate during this session?

Our booking system conveniently offers 2 options specifically for Lobe Piercing, The kids lobes providing a 50-minute appointment slot and It does not cost any more than the standard earlobes appointment.

This allows ample time for you and your child to explore our vast jewellery collection, address any queries, and prepare mentally for the piercing experience. 

Upon arrival, we'll verify everyone's ID and review the consent form.

We adhere to rigorous standards as a APP & UKAPP members. Your well-being and that of your child remain paramount throughout the appointment.

A Seamless Process During the piercing, one of our experienced piercers will perform the procedure meticulously. We exclusively utilize top-quality blade needles, emphasizing precision and safety over piercing guns or hand pressure systems here! . Each needle undergoes sterilization and is single-use, as well as any other tools used adhering to the highest standards of hygiene. While we refrain from showing the needle intentionally, our team is readily available to address any concerns or queries, promoting transparency and comfort throughout the process.

Aftercare Guidance familiarising yourself with aftercare instructions is essential for optimal healing. We'll walk you and your child through these guidelines during the appointment, ensuring clarity and understanding.

Remember to:

  • Clean the piercing at least once daily with sterile saline.
  • Avoid twisting or fiddling with the jewellery, as it may prolong healing and introduce bacteria.
  • Refrain from soaking or submerging the piercing for the initial 4 weeks.
  • Follow downsizing instructions and schedule a check up after 4-6 weeks.

For any inquiries or assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or Instagram.

We strive to elevate every experience into a memorable and one. Earlobe piercings for children signify more than just a physical transformation; they embody lessons in autonomy, self-expression, and responsibility. Whether you seek a bit of guidance or wish to acquaint your child with our studio and team beforehand, Get in touch, we're here to support you every step of the way.