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Downsizing your piercing is the process of changing the jewellery to a shorter post after the initial swelling has gone down after you get pierced.

It is important in order to avoid potential complications during healing, such as irritation bumps or "drifting" (a mild to dramatic change in the angle of your piercing- a once straight piercing may heal almost diagonally.) 

Why downsizing is important:

  • To prevent the jewellery from getting caught or snagged. 
    Longer jewellery has more movement within the piercing channel and is more likely to get caught on clothing, hair, and more. This adds extra trauma which can lead to irritation bumps or the loss and breakage of the jewellery.

  • To reduce the risk of migration or rejection. 
    When the jewelry is too long, it can put pressure on the piercing site and cause the piercing to migrate or drift. These processes lead to your piercing moving from its original site/angle, and can vary in severity. A late downsize will not fix a piercing that has already drifted.

  • To help the piercing heal faster. 
    When the jewelry is the right size, it allows the piercing to heal faster and easier as it is more stable in the tissue.

The best time to downsize your piercing is usually 4-6 weeks after it has been pierced. Don't worry, you'll know when the time is right- the jewellery will feel too long and may begin to catch/snag. We never advise you to book in too far in advance in case of accidental trauma/swelling in the days leading up to your appointment. It's always best to book the day-of, or the night before.

We'll check to see if your piercing is ready to downsize, then sterilise some jewellery just for you! You can book a jewellery change here


Here are some tips for aftercare after downsizing your piercing:

  • Avoid sleeping on the piercing.
  • For body piercings- avoid wearing tight clothing that could irritate the piercing.
  • Be patient and allow the piercing to heal completely. This ranges from 4 months to over a year depending on what piercing you've had.

By downsizing your piercing and following proper aftercare, you can help ensure a smooth and healthy healing process.

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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