NeilMed piercing aftercare fine mist saline spray

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With a special mist tip is isotonic, drug free, preservative free, no burning or stinging. Sterile saline solution that cleanses minor wounds and scrapes without any burning or stinging. Sprays in any position, including when inverted. 

Available in two sizes – standard 177ml and handy travel size 75ml.

  • Sterile, drug free, and preservative free
  • No burning or stinging
  • Portable, convenient for travel or on-the-go
  • Tamper-proof hygiene sealed (prior to use)

Ingredients: USP Grade Water, USP Sodium Chloride (9mg/mL)

How To Use:

  • Before use, spray a short stream of Neil Cleanse Piercing Aftercare in the air or on intact skin to test stream and to clear nozzle.
  • To dispense, aim the nozzle at the affected area and spray from a distance of 2 to 4 inches, or as is comfortable.
  • Cover with the clear cap after each use.
  • Ideal for all piercings as well as ear cartilage piercing.