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What is an Apprenticeship?

You should never have to pay for a piercing apprenticeship! yes that's right! I said it!

As an example we expect our apprentices to complete a work trail this involves cleaning and learning and if that all goes well they get a paid apprenticeship!

That's right we pay you to learn!

We believe you can't even learn to drive safely in a week, These online sites offering piercing courses are there to take your money! read below to find out what it really takes to become a good piercer!

If you turn up at a studio looking for work after doing one of these courses you are going to be out of your depth and turning out poor work and harming people or laughed out the door as the certificate is not worth the paper its printed on,  honestly good shops don't want someone who is poorly trained.

Think about like this most skilled jobs you can't just boil it down to a few hours of training and piercing is definitely one of them.

Save your money find a reputable shop Ideally a APP or UKAPP studio and hang out get to know them and ask questions, spend money with them show you are keen and willing to do what it really takes to become a piercer, Ask if you can volunteer or help out as counter staff show willing this is the real way in, it's a family you cannot buy your way in :)

Ok, So it might be a unpaid trail at first and you will have to pick up a mop and clean some glass but you can get far more back in the end ;)

You will learn so much just from being in the right environment surrounded by people who truly love this industry.

I truly would never charge an apprentice but I would expect them to work hard show willing and study.

Still here? So what is a apprenticeship? keep reading ;)

An apprenticeship is defined as a specific period of guided progress through the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of piercing training. During an apprenticeship, the novice piercer should expect to do the following:

  • Review the APP Suggested Body Piercer Apprenticeship Guidelines and Curriculum

  • Locate a suitable apprenticeship in a reputable studio under a well-respected, highly skilled and experienced professional.

  • Attend a bloodborne pathogens training class, such as that given by APP, OSHA, Red Cross, or The National Safety Council.

  • Attend a First Aid/CPR class, such as that given by St Johns in the UK.

  • Spend a minimum of three months full time as a trainee, learning sterilisation, disinfection, cross-contamination and other health and safety issues before piercing.

  • Spend a minimum of six months to one year in full-time supervised training as an apprentice before achieving the title of piercer. Location, volume and studio standards will help to determine the duration of an apprenticeship.

  • Observe all procedures before attempting them, and only attempt a new procedure with close supervision by a senior piercer.

  • Learn customer service, appropriate jewellery quality and selection, aftercare procedures, and troubleshooting.

  • Attend a reputable seminar such as the UKAPP in the UK, The seminar should combine lectures on anatomy, safety, hygiene, techniques, and hands-on piercing experience.

You made it to the bottom still interested? Please use the contact form HERE to leave your details.

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