Piercing Appointment - Please read booking conditions below.

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A non-refundable deposit is required for booking an appointment, this will be deducted from your piercing fee.

Please bring a valid photo ID and have it ready when you enter. We can NOT pierce you without a valid ID, Children also require Photo ID. 

As a time slot will be held for you when you book an appointment, if you do not or can not attend, you may still be charged in full.

Due to the necessity of wearing a mask, we are not currently able to offer facial piercings (nose, tongue, lip), you can join our waiting list for once these restrictions are relaxed.

A mask is required at all times and must be worn correctly (over the nose and mouth). 

All of our piercings come with our standard implant grade internally threaded titanium range jewellery included, though other options are available depending on budget and style.

Jewellery is not included with changes and downsizing so may cost extra.