Piercing Age Restrictions, Cardiff Piercing Prices, Legal Ages Wales UK

At Cardiff piercing you will be asked to prove your age through a form of photographic identification, without this you will be refused a piercing.

The forms of ID we accept include a driving license, passport and cards featuring the PASS logo. If you are a parent and wish to give consent for your child to have a piercing completed, you will also need to accompany them in person to the store bringing their ID as well as have your own photographic ID.

Piercing Ages:
8+   Lobe piercings
14+ Cartilage piercing
14+ Navel belly button
14+ Nostril - Nose
16+ Eyebrow
16+ Dermal
16+ Lip
18+ Oral, Tongue, nipples and all genital piercings.

Photographic ID will be required and a Parent legal guardian MUST be present if under 16 years of age. 

We cannot accept photos of ID as these may of been edited.