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Cardiff's First Luxury, Private Piercing Studio - Wales First UKAPP & APP Members! - Appointment Only - Valid Photo ID Required on the Day

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We are Cardiff’s first professional high end piercing studio using the best piercing jewellery from brands such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Neometal, BVLA, Auris, Junipurr and Leroi Fine jewelry.

Daryn is a Welsh born full time body piercer specialising in gold and high end luxury piercing brands and is the only UKAPP  and APP Member in Wales as well as a being Junipurr Pro Team Member so you are in the best hands.

We offer the cleanest piercing setting, with sterilisation through an autoclave that is tested daily and staff that have Bloodborne Pathogen training.
We only use safe j
ewellery made from ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, Gold, Niobium and Glass.

Getting a piercing can be a big deal, but using a disposable aseptic non-touch technique and single use disposable equipment for every client, even a single use sterile pen! our equipment has been approved by Cardiff Council, so you can be reassured that our area of work is extremely hygienic for your safety. 

Completing the hygiene aspect of our work, we keep all piercing equipment separate and only set up when you’re ready, discarding of all wrapping and equipment when finished. We invite you to watch the set up and break down to be sure every item is sterile and all single use equipment is thrown away after each customer to further decrease the chance of anyone catching unwanted infections. 

Dedicated piercing room

Items will be freshly prepared while you wait and will be carried out in our specialist and dedicated state of the art piercing room where all surfaces and flooring are non porous and easily disinfected.

The piercing room is completely enclosed with clear separation between clean and contaminated spaces.


Clean dedicated piercing room

What should happen during a piercing?

This is what to expect from getting a body part pierced:
• You will need to first fill out some paperwork and choose jewellery.
• The jewellery should be handled with gloves and will be taken to be sterilised.
• You will be called to the room and directed to take a seat and put your items down in a designated area.
• The body piercer should wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water and dry with single use paper towel then wear clean, fresh gloves.
• The area to be pierced is then cleaned with alcohol or other antiseptic single use wipe.
• The area will then be marked up with a single use sterile pen, you should check the placement of any marks before the piercing is carried out.
• You should see the piercer remove sterile needles and equipment from sealed packets then carefully open them without touching the contents. The items should never be pushed though the packing! 
• Your skin is then pierced with a very sharp, single-use needle.
• The piercer should dispose of the needle in a special container so that there is no risk of the needle or blood touching someone else.
• The jewellery, which has already been sterilised, is placed into the piercing.
• The piercing can bleed a tiny bit so you might have to wait for it to stop and the piercer should clean this for you.
• The piercer gives you written instructions on how to care for your new piercing and what to do if there is a problem.  

Is getting a piercing safe?

Do a little investigative work about a shops procedures and find out whether it provides a clean and safe environment for their customers.
Every shop should have an autoclave (a sterilising machine) and keep sterilised instruments in sealed packets until they are used.

Before you get a piercing:

Choose jewellery made from metals that are not going to cause reactions, such as Solid gold (14K or above - not gold filled or gold plated) Niobium, Titanium (ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium), Lead free glass  

Ask questions!:

Ask how long your piercer has been doing this? and have they done this piercing before, they should have no problem answering any questions you may have.

How up to date is their aftercare? e.g. Salt water saline mixes and tea tree oil for piercings are very outdated!

If someone is saying they work to APP & UKAPP standards or are a member without proof this could possibly be a huge red flag and you can report them directly to the UKAPP  and APP using this links provided.

What is the jewellery made from and is it internally threaded?

If you were to have a problem can you come back to chat about it?

What kind of aftercare will be used and do they explain how to use it?

Do they:

Wash their hands before each procedure?

Wear fresh disposable gloves while marking up and setting up?

Clean the skin before the piercing?

Use single use needles and sterilised instruments?

Handle any jewellery with gloves? 

Make sure that they:

Don't offer gun ear-piercing

Are registered with the Local authority

and that all Items used are sterilised or disposable. 

List of things to avoid:

Outdated aftercare: salt water mixes, tea tree oil and bottled solutions.

Piercing Guns including Studex

Poor jewellery: plated, surgical steel, stainless steel, PTFE, Acrylic , Black PVD

Externally threaded jewellery. 


Delivering only a high quality service, Katdemon Ink’s Tattoo and Piercing studio in Cardiff is the only place you need to be if you expect the best experts to give you your next piercing. Our friendly team understand all there is to know about the piercing industry, from sterilisation to the correct equipment needed for different areas of piercing.

You're welcome to book in for a consultation at our studio located on Whitchurch high street in Cardiff and see for yourself our professional, clean and hygienic studio that is always ready for your next piercing, whether you want a simple nose or ear piercing or something a little different, you’re sure to leave our studio fully satisfied with the service.

Neilmed piercing spray new style bottle Cardiff


Sterile Saline

For the best piercing care results use sterile saline from Neilmed.