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All new piercings may be sore, swollen, itchy or red and may experience minor bleeding for several days. They can secrete a clear, white, yellowish fluid and this may harden into a crust on the surface of the jewellery.


Everyone heals differently and at different speeds, this is due to influences like diet, lifestyle and body chemistry.
The healing times listed below are a guide only.

If you are uncertain of your piercing’s healing status, please feel free to come by the studio so our piercers may check it for you.

Nostril 6-9 MONTHS
Septum 2-4 MONTHS
Eyebrow 6-9 MONTHS
Bridge 6-9 MONTHS
Lip 2-4 MONTHS
Tongue 2-4 MONTHS


Lobes 2-4 MONTHS
Ear cartilage 6-9 MONTHS


Navel 6-9 MONTHS
Surface 6-9 MONTHS
Anchor 6-9 MONTHS


Nipples 6-9 MONTHS
Hood 4-6 WEEKS
Labia (INNER) 8-10 WEEKS
Labia (OUTER) 3-5 MONTHS
Triangle 3-4 MONTHS
Christina 3-5 MONTHS


Nipples 6-9 MONTHS
Prince Albert 2-4 MONTHS
Frenum 3-5 MONTHS
Guiche 3-5 MONTHS
Scrotal 3-5 MONTHS
Ampalang 9-12 MONTHS
Apadravya 6-9 MONTHS
Dydoe 6-9 MONTHS

Healing times can vary from person to person.
However the time period listed above is the MINIMUM time in which you can expect most of the healing to occur so is only to be used as a guide.

We strongly encourage you to leave the original jewellery in the piercing for at least the first 6 months, a year is even better (unless a jewellery change is recommended due to swelling) and then you should only use high quality jewellery such as titanium.

A piercing may appear to be healed when viewed from the outside, but much of what you can not see is happening on the inside.
We strongly suggest that you observe these time guidelines before changing or removing your jewellery.

You are always welcome to contact us via phone, facebook or email if you have questions.

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