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Of the wide range of piercings available, cartilage piercings are some of the most popular outside of basic ear lobe piercing.

They are a unique experience in comparison to having an ear lobe pierced, so as a beginner to piercings especially cartilage piercings, or even a person who has had long experience of basic piercings but has yet to get pierced the upper ear region, you may be wondering what to expect when you get a cartilage piercing?

And to be honest, you're wondering with good reason, researching any body piercing is a right of passage and I'm assuming that is how you ended up here, Its an important part of the process.

Even myself I'm a body piercer and have been for some time but every time I want a new cartilage piercing I feel the same nerves, so My advice is at this initial stage that will help you with whether you simply like the look of cartilage piercings on other people, or if you're really committed to investing in one for yourself?

Getting a cartilage piercing is a great first step into the piercing world. Sure, ear lobe piercings and are where most of us start including myself, but a cartilage piercing can seem big and quite intimidating at first, it's bold, and it's a little bit above and beyond the usual, as far as most piercings go. Once you've crossed that line, the leap to other piercings is much less daunting, and after a few piercings, the pain of a tattoo doesn't seem half as bad.

However, just like no two people will experience getting a tattoo in the same way, nor will they experience getting a cartilage piercing the same way.

This one one of the reasons that we are considered the best place in Cardiff to get a cartilage piercing, We will help you with every step of your new cartilage piercing and it's healing.  

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