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It can be difficult to know what you should and shouldn't do for the best piercing health but we aim to make it easier to understand.

You want your new piercing to look its best! Ideally, your new piercing should sit perpendicular to the skin, be a correct size and shape this will help your attachment sit flat on the skin looking great now we have to do a little tlc to help it heal.

Piercing angles This is something a good piercer is likely to explain to you, during your appointment and jewellery selection, this can be an important part of your healing journey.

Your piercing should have been performed in a clean or sterile way, with the highest quality equipment, needles and jewellery but if the angle is off, there's always a chance you may be struggling to heal.

You should be pierced with a bar/post/barbell that has a flat back or sometimes a ball that matches the size of your chosen attachment as closely as possible so the attachment's weight shouldn’t cause irritation or migration.

Im sure you already know we have to use a longer bar to start your new piercing and there should be enough added length on your post/stem/bar to allow for expected swelling and drainage during the healing process, but not so long that it could be at risk of getting caught on clothing etc, but It's super important to return to your piercer for a downsize once your swelling has reduced, this is usually around 6-8 weeks. This way we can do a quick check-up while we sterilise a new shorter bar and then fit the appropriate size keeping your piercing happy.

Stages of healing and why you should downsize your piercings.

But even fully healed piercings can change angles, and they can even migrate if your jewellery fits improperly, leading to irritated lumps bumps and even scarring, Luckily you can always get our professional team to check at any of your appointments for free just ask your piercer should always be happy to help.

Life often gets in the way and I myself am guilty of forgetting to get a new shorter downsized bar so I know how frustrating it can be.

But forgetting to get your bar downsized or sleeping on a piercing can be a source of irritation and migration. A doughnut cushion or travel pillow in a pillowcase is a great way to stop you from rolling or sleeping on your piercings when you're asleep these are pretty affordable and you can buy them from Amazon with the search “piercing pillow”.

Piercing Pillow to help with being able to sleep with a ear piercing

So If you think your piercing might benefit from a downsize or better fitting jewellery pierced by us or even if it was pierced by another studio you can schedule an appointment through our website

We are an Inclusive piercing studio with a relaxing atmosphere and an extensive range of piercing jewellery.

Hope to see you soon.
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Sterile Saline

For the best piercing care results use sterile saline from Neilmed.