Anatometal 18K Solid Gold Maple leaf

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Looking to upgrade or just to treat yourself? The Anatometal 18K Solid Gold Maple leaf attachment from Antometal is a threadless attachment made from 18K gold!

Made in Santa Cruz, California by Anatometal, This jewellery carries a lifetime manufacturer guarantee*

All our Anatometal jewellery can be ordered in many different styles and gems.  Please

contact us if you have a specific requirement or even a custom idea.

  • Material: 18K Gold
  • Fitment: Threadless 25G pin
  • Size: Close to 6mm in overall diameter and 1mm tall.
  • Suitable Piercing placements such as:
  • Suitable Piercing placements such as: Cartilage, rook, Helix, lobe, tragus, scapha flat, conch, faux rook, philtrum, nostril, labret, Lip.

Did you know our Swarovski gems do not require any foils and are not glued in place, they also carry a lifetime manufacturers guarantee*

Sold only as a threadless attachment labrets are to be ordered separately.