NeoMetal Prong set CZ end threadless

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Treat yourself to the best body jewellery from NeoMetal.

This mirror-finish fine jewellery carries a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. 

This attachment features a genuine Swarovski Crystal securely Prong set.  No glue is used or required for this jewellery, yes it's that good!

As the original creators of the "snap-together" Threadless system Neometal, the push-fit design is one of the best jewellery companies to wear securely in a piercing.  Once in place these ends are very secure.

The threadless post is slightly bent to create a tight fit inside the labret.  To remove or insert, just tug gently on the round gem end and it will come apart from the labret/flat back.

These are perfect for most cartilage piercings and will also fit other threadless labrets, though We strongly recommend only using matching brand posts as not doing so may void the any warranty.

Implant grade titanium is incredibly light and completely nickel-free, making it a perfect option for long-term wear in body piercings.

Material: Implant/Medical Grade Titanium ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI
Post Type: Threadless/push-fit
Post Gauge: 1mm/18g
Post Colour: Highly Polished Mirror Finish, ask us about our free anodising service!
Gem Diameter: 1.5-5mm
Suitable Piercing: Helix, forward helix, scapha, faux rook, conch, tragus, rook, lobe, labret or nostril.