Jewellery Disclaimer - Cardiff Piercing

Jewellery Disclaimer:

In the interest of hygiene and for the protection of all of our customers we ask you NOT to remove your jewellery in our store.


Jewellery returns:

In the interest of hygiene and for the protection of all of our customers, earrings and piercing jewellery are excluded from an exchange or refund policy once purchased.

The exclusion arises from a Health and Safety perspective and is an international recommendation to prevent the spread of infections and disease.


Personalised Jewellery
We are unable to offer exchanges or refunds on personalised jewellery orders.

This means that we cannot provide exchanges or refunds on items that have been specially ordered in, altered or personalised for you in any way.

The colour added during anodisation on jewellery can fade over time depending on the wear the jewellery gets and what elements they are exposed to (chlorine, hair dye etc.)

It is up to you to make sure that any jewellery you purchase is the correct size before you leave our shop. We will do our best to help but we cannot exchange or replace these items after purchase for hygiene reasons.


Prepaid Jewellery:
Please make sure to come in and get your jewellery or piercing within 6 months. We don’t always have time to remind you, if you are paying a payment plan please be sure to keep up payments as agreed as we cannot hold a piece indefinitely.


Lost Jewellery:

Please understand that body jewellery is designed to be removable, so can come loose due to natural movement of the area. It is your responsibility to check, daily with clean hands, and tighten the jewellery. This also covers gold and push fit.

If you lose or break your jewellery, a new piece will be required at your own cost.

December 2020